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Using Your Voice To Market Your Business

voice talent

Most businesses believe that market is all about your written voice, your social media posts and blog entries. But there is more to your voice than just what you write, it is also about what you actually have to say. But how do you talk to your customers, or people that aren’t your customers yet, […]

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How to be an Effective Voice Talent

voiceover talent

Many artistic people around the world aspire to become actors in showbusiness. But not all are lucky to achieve this dream. Becoming an actor involves having great talent, a pleasant personality and the right agent to connect you with the right people in the industry. However, there’s always an alternative particularly for those who possess […]

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Three Key Tips For Online Marketing


The internet has made it easier than ever to spread the word about your small business. With the click of a button, you can post information about your business or product for thousands of people to see. The only problem is, everyone has access to that power, which means that you are vying for attention […]

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Best Microphones for Podcasting


Podcasts remain to be very popular these days. Whether they are set up as a TV or radio show, these podcasts have evolved through the years with many of them now having different seasons and episodes covering a wide range of topics and featuring special guests. The popularity of podcasts in recent years can be […]

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Free and Efficient Audio Recording Tools

Producing podcasts need not be difficult. With the numerous free tools available these days, you can even create one using your mobile devices. If you want to record your audio without much hassle, the best route to take is use an online voice recorder. This way, you simply have to visit the site, click the […]

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6 Reasons to Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Everyone loves a good holiday. It can be an excuse to let loose, relax and celebrate! You only live once and the more days that can be noticed for their uniqueness and individuality the better. There are many lesser-known holidays in the United States; one of the most fun, and delicious, ones is National Grilled […]

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