How One Music Group Becomes a Part of History, While Another Makes It

When it comes to country music, one of the hottest vocal groups around just got a big surprise: Little Big Town was asked by another country superstar, Reba McEntire, if they would like to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. Any country music fan worth their salt knows this is about the biggest honor an artist can earn.

In the meantime, they have released a new album that is sure to climb the charts. This group is a power to be reckoned with, and they are finally getting the recognition that they very much deserve. For many years, Little Big Town would be the opening act for other country superstars such as Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban, but their days of being “just the opening act” seem to be far behind them.


When the group saw McEntire come on stage, they knew that something big was about to happen. The quartet had tear-filled faces with excited wide eyes, and when they said yes, the audience erupted into raucous applause. More →

Priceless Guitars—Past and Present


One theory holds that the guitar evolved from the Greek “kithara.” However, this instrument was a square type of lyre. Others believe that the history of the guitar actually dates back more than 4,000 years to an instrument known as a bowl harp or tanbur. These were created and played in prehistoric times. Many examples have been uncovered in Babylonian, Egyptian and Sumerian cultures. The instrument consisted of bowls fashioned from calabashes or tortoise shells and had a bent stick for the neck, along with anywhere from one to 11 strings. Preserved in a number of museums around the world, these early music makers are now considered priceless. There are many modern day guitars that also command a small fortune. More →

The Awesome Podcasts of Nerdist!

If you’re a podcast fanatic like me, you’re likely well aware of the awesome “Nerdist” website, ran and maintained by one Chris Hardwick. Nerdist is a team effort, in that hundreds of comedians (as well as icons of nerd culture) have been involved with the website, and about a dozen or so in the maintenance. I’m going to give you fellow podcasters a bit of a brief on the variety of awesome entertainment available on the Nerdist network!


Nerdist Podcast

The Nerdist Podcast itself is hosted by Chris Hardwick. You may recognize Chris Hardwick from his stand-up comedy, or more than likely as the host of the “Talking Dead” talk show that follows each new episode of the Walking Dead on AMC. You may also recognize him from hosting several other properties, such as Web Soup, Wired Science, and Singled Out. He is also vocalist and melodica player of the comedy band Hard ‘n’ Phirm.

The Nerdist podcast is just like it sounds – a great show for proud nerds and geeks to get their fix on the latest nerd news. His guests are rather varied and almost always interesting, from comedic geniuses like Weird Al Yankovic, to Stan Lee, to the Muppets themselves! The latest Nerdist podcast features Robert Patrick, most known for his acting in Terminator 2: Judgement Day as the antagonist.
Chris Hardwick is a good host and sets a great example of hosting and work ethic for aspiring podcasters to follow, you can learn a lot from listening to his shows!

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction
Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction is one of the more absurd podcasts available on the Nerdist network. CEFF is, as stated in the title, various comedians reading hilariously descriptive erotic fan fictions to a live audience. (How they do it without bursting out laughing with every other sentence is beyond me.) Be warned, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction is most certainly not safe for work, and children would probably be horrified to hear the stories told about Mayor McCheese and the Hamburglers twisted affair, or the orgy that takes place in the land of make believe. But if you’re looking for crass, disgustingly hilarious prose eloquently written and read, look no further! These stories will have you in stitches!

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction logo

Comic Book Club

The last Nerdist podcast I’m going to touch upon today will be the Comic Book Club. This podcast takes place live in New York City every Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern Standard Time. It is hosted by Justin Tyler, Pete LePage, and Alex Zalben. Generally the guests on this show are figures within the comic book industry itself or comedians that are avid comic book fans. While you may not be surprised to learn how many celebrities love Batman JUST AS MUCH as you do, you’ll be shocked to hear them spouting knowledge and opinions on Batman with a nerdy, educated vernacular.


Whether you’re  a proud nerd, comic book enthusiast, comedy buff, or just really enjoy comedic erotic fan fiction, Nerdist is a entertainment network with a plethora of great shows to catch!

7 Female Artists Changing the Music Game in 2014

In 2013, it appeared to be the year of the women and many breakout artists and consistent regulars blew up the charts month after month. We heard Katy Perry Roar and Lady Gaga create ArtPop. New artists like Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey crooned to our ever disenchanted hearts. Then there’s Beyonce who continues to excel at being the unofficial queen of pop. The upcoming year seems to fare well for the ladies as there are many emerging artists bubbling to the surface.





Born Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Connor, the New Zealand artist erupted late of 2013 with her overnight hit, Royals. This is just the beginning for Lorde as her album, Pure Heroine climbs the charts in 2014. Her song Glory and Gore meshes acoustic elements with electronic synthesizers to create a haunting anti-hero ballad. More →

5 Interesting Comic Podcasts Worth Listening To

Podcasts are a great way to enjoy online content whether at home or on the go. One does not need a special gadget because any smartphone or tablet can conveniently download podcasts.

One of the most popular podcasts today are on comics. Some of these discuss the latest in the industry, share news updates and other interesting stories. Most are produced on a weekly basis and can last for about an hour.

We share here five comic podcasts worth your time.

Comic Book Club

comic book club

This is a live stage show that gathers artists, comedians, editors and writers as they share about their new projects and the comics they love. It’s an interesting podcast that allows the participation of the audience. More →

Get the Word Out About Your Podcasts

In business, it pays to spread the word about what you do and what you offer to people. Fortunately, those who want to start one today have many tools to choose from to market their products and services to their target market. On the internet alone, the choices available to business-oriented people are plenty such as the social media and blogging platforms, the free directories and the podcasts.

Podcasts have their own advantages, one of which is its ability to reach a global audience. Its edge over the online tools is the fact that business owners can reach out to their target market on a more personal level who may be in need of audio content which they can listen to at their most convenient time.

Producing a business podcast should be easy once you have the right equipment and have planned your topics well moving forward. Keep in mind that once you’ve started doing podcasts, you’ll need to produce them regularly to keep your regular visitors coming back.

Advanced planning is necessary notably in terms of the topics you’ll cover and the speakers you may want to invite or interview. Business owners who don’t have enough time to produce the podcasts on their own can get the services of a professional production studio to help them. More →

Treating Your Topic with Respect

Creating podcasts that attract the right audience takes more than just knowing the ins and outs of the technology used for recording. In fact, great content is not enough as well. You need to get the right mix of content, recording quality, and presentation to snag your audience’s attention.

Oftentimes, what this means is dealing with controversial topics or at the very least coming up with catchy podcast titles that will raise and eyebrow or two. All that is fine and well, because you need to attract listeners! Once you get to the actual podcast though, it is important you maintain a respectful attitude about the topic and, if any, your guest(s).

respect sign

Treating your topic/guest with respect does not mean that you need to sit back and stop asking hard questions. It also does not mean agreeing to points you don’t agree with, or bending over backwards to avoid a controversial stance. Doing so will be hypocritical and may even make you sound condescending. So how do you treat a topic with respect, especially if you do not agree or believe in it?

More →