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The new updated USB Microphone list


I thought it was time for a new USB microphone post. The previous one doesn’t really capture the market anymore, and some newer readers might never had found it anyway. So here’s a selection of what’s out there today. Keep in mind that I haven’t tried and compared these.

Samson is one of the few companies out there that actually has a full lineup of USB microphones, including C01U, C03U, G-Track (which has a built in audio interface for instruments!), and the Q1U dynamic.

Blue Microphones Snowball. The Blue Snowball looks cool (top picture), but I don’t hear great things about it, which is a little odd since ‘normal’ microphones from Blue usually gets praised.

A comparing review of Blue Snowball and Samson C01U can be found at Macworld.


Blue Microphones latest USB solution – the Snowflake – is a beauty. It’s not a good thing that I can’t seem to find much info about it on their website, but my previous post can perhaps help a little with details, and my constant mention of it shows how cool I think it looks.

Like Samson, MXL has a whole series of USB microphones. Besides the now standard types of condenser microphones, they have stereo USB condenser microphones. Here’s a previous post on the 990 stereo condenser.

Røde Podcaster is the famous company’s podcasting solution, and from what I hear, it’s pretty good! You’ll also find a close to meaningless video of it on the above link.

Alesis USB-Mic Podcasting Kit is one of the bundles out there. Besides the microphone, I believe it includes a stand, headphones as well as the audio application Audacity (which is free anyway).

M-Audio Session Music Producer is as the name suggests intended for (low budget) recording musicians, but the package might be of interest to podcasters as well. It includes a USB microphone (previous post) as well as recording software.


Audio-Technica AT2020 USB is based on the companies original AT2020 (non-USB) model.

I recently stumbled upon the Phoenix Audio Solo, and I thought it at least looked nice. Phoenix calls it a “desktop conference microphone”.

Nady has two USB microphones on the market: the dynamic USB-24M and the condenser USB-1C (previous post).

sE Electronics, famous for acoustic solutions for microphones among other things, also have two USB microphones on the market, the USB2200a, and the USB1000a.