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4 Ways to Speed Up Your Vlog or Podcast

“All that really concerns me is speed,” crooned Montgomery Gentry in their hit “Speed” and while it makes for a great country slow dance song, it’s also relevant to vlogs, podcasts, and any other online format where audio/video is necessary. Speed is also a huge factor with search engine optimization (SEO), with algorithms considering the […]

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Want to Grow Your Podcast’s Audience? Here’s What You Need to Do

When podcasts were first introduced over ten years ago, many people derided them for being too hard to download and covering topics that were too obscure. Podcasts had an audience, if a limited one, in Apple iPod owners, but few people could’ve predicted that these audio files would have much of an effect on web […]

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Podcasting and Online Presence in Your Niche


Podcasts can be a very viable and useful communication tool for anyone. Coming up with a podcast is easy, and free due to open source software available. You can use the podcast to connect with your audience by connecting to various networks to create and distribute your podcasts on various directories. The Niche Market, and […]

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Let Video Conferencing Bring Life to Your Podcasts


Do you ever wonder how many people actually sit through your podcast? Is there a possibility that your customers or employees listen for a while, get distracted and blow off the last half? I imagine most people have done this at one time or another, so lots of us worry about it. There is an […]

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How Podcasting Saves Your Business Money


With all the costs associated with running a business these days, a lot of business owners are looking for ways to cut spending. Whether you are a large DME company selling oxygen concentrators or you are a smaller company in a growing market, podcasting can provide your company with considerable savings in numerous ways. As […]

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3 Korean Podcasts to Subscribe To


“Korea (orthographic projection)” by Gringer – Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons. Some of our favorite podcasts are international ones, and we often wish there were more podcasts that deal with global issues to follow. They especially come in handy when planning a trip, whether for business or pleasure, to a foreign country; […]

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