How to Create Podcasts that Attract the Right Audience

A good audio spells the difference in creating podcasts that attract people and connect with the listeners. It’s a natural instinct of people to turn away from poor audio quality. So unless you can deliver engaging and valuable content, your audience won’t stay long to listen to your podcast.


A quality podcast can only be attained through a combination of several factors. These are the human factor, the audio technology you use and logistical planning.

Human Factor

The human voice is foremost in the list. It has to be appealing to the audience and not monotonous. The storytelling style and conversations or interviews with experts are often interesting to listen to. More →

Ensuring Quality Interviews for Podcasts

podcast interview
A podcast featuring an interview can be very engaging particularly if the interviewee is an expert or a well known authority in his particular field and the topic is of great interest to a lot of people. Interviews can keep your audience glued to your show unlike when there’s only one speaker doing the podcast.

But in order to achieve success in your podcast interview, you need to take the right steps and be consistent moving forward.

Get an interviewee who knows his work very well and who is comfortable with the media. They are more likely to provide concise answers.

Provide your questions beforehand. It would be a good idea to provide your interviewee beforehand with the questions you’re going to ask him. This will help him or her prepare for his answers and ensure a smooth interview in the process.

Organize your questions as well. Start with the general topic and then move into specifics. More →

Get Started Bigtime in Podcasting

Podcasting may not be that popular compared to social media but it has gained a significant amount of followers particularly for people who have dedicated themselves to excel in this specific field. An effective marketing tool, many business owners and bloggers have recognized the power of podcasts in getting their message across in a more personal manner.

launch a podcast

If you’re one of those contemplating on starting a podcast, there are steps you can follow which the experts have done themselves. These are simple ways to ensure that you produce quality content and establish trust with your audience moving forward.

Follow a System

Having a system should be top priority. Sometimes, you just don’t know where to start but if you draft a plan and a system, everything will flow smoothly. The experts say having good equipment will not always lead to success unless you have a system to help you come up with an interesting podcast. This means setting up a checklist or
workflow for every episode that you want to produce. More →

Things to Know When Using Music for Podcasts

Podcasts need to be produced in an informative yet interesting way to capture more listeners. Music can be an integral part of it particularly when the audio content that’s being produced are the tutorials and storytelling type with only one person doing the podcast. When two people are involved, music may be limited to transitions as well as introductions and closing portions.


When music in podcasts, though, producers need to be aware about the legal issues involved. You have to know that using any music regardless of the genre that’s not your own creation, notably one that’s copyrighted, can put you to jail. If this is the best option you prefer, it would be a good idea to consult a lawyer before you use a work.

With regards to copyrighted compositions, one needs permission from the creator in various instances. This is regardless if you give credit, use only a small portion of the music, use it for educational and non-profit purposes and use it in the background while talking over.
More →

Rock and Roll Music Podcast

The Rolling Stones 1

A rock and roll music podcast will not be complete without featuring the legendary Rolling Stones.  This English band was formed in 1962 out of a common interest of childhood friends Mick Jagger and Keith Richards with the music of Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters.  The band’s original name Rollin’ Stones was supposed to have come from a cut’s title in a Muddy Waters LP.

Membership composition of the band has changed many times over the years but the band itself remained constant.  In fact , it celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and does not appear ready to stop at all.  The four current members of the band consist of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts , and Ronnie Wood.  They were joined by former member Mick Taylor and Dave Navarro in a series of anniversary concerts last year.

The group’s colorful history is a very interesting subject for a podcast. Rolling Stones is not merely about music.  It is also about an attitude, a deviation from the standards, and an inspiration for a musical movement.  Fifty years worth of stories is a lot to tell but it certainly promises to talk about real experiences such as those shown in  Rock and Roll continue to live on and that is largely because of groups like the Rolling Stones who live on for the music.


Top 5 Comedy Podcasts Worth Listening To

Let’s face it, watching comedy TV shows or live stand-up comedy acts every so often is a great stress reliever. It makes us smile and laugh, it exercises our facial muscles and lightens up our mood.

But other than the television and the radio, you can also enjoy these funny talk shows on the internet through the podcasts. The major benefit of having these podcasts is you can just download them and listen at your most convenient time.


The Nerdist is the top choice of most podcast fans. Considered the funniest, it is hosted by Chris Hardwick who talks with his friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira and guest about life, comedy and technology. Listen to it to find out how hilarious this show is.

How Was Your Week? features Julie Klausner who is out to share interesting things. She’s talked about inventors and magicians and even drag racing.


Comedy Bang Bang as its name suggests is a funny show produced by Scott Aukerman of Between Two Ferns. His guests include Weird Al Yankovic, John Hamm, Sarah Silverman and Tim & Eric.

You Made It Weird is full of comedy. The host Pete Holmes is a comedian and he interviews other comedians about their weirdest secrets. Some of those who have guested in the show are Paul Tompkins and Judd Apatow.

Never Not Funny is a weekly podcast featuring producer Matt Belknap and comedian Jimmy Pardo. Listen to witty interactions covering life in the 70s as well as funny talks about issues surrounding the modern world. Just to remind, however, only the first 20 minutes is free.

TV Shows to Get Podcast Music Inspiration From

Music TV showsMusic lovers need not feel left out of the TV scene, as there have always been great TV shows that do not fail to tug at the hearts of those who need music to put a smile on their faces. Whether you’re talking about shows from decades ago, or shows that are still running, you will definitely find something to enjoy. With a good TV provider, such as, you will not be lacking for options.

More than simply enjoying watching music TV shows, however, you can always put a practical spin to it. Admit it or not, this kind of TV show can give you inspiration for your own podcast. To help you find your inspiration, here are some music TV shows to check out. More →