Get the Word Out About Your Podcasts

In business, it pays to spread the word about what you do and what you offer to people. Fortunately, those who want to start one today have many tools to choose from to market their products and services to their target market. On the internet alone, the choices available to business-oriented people are plenty such as the social media and blogging platforms, the free directories and the podcasts.

Podcasts have their own advantages, one of which is its ability to reach a global audience. Its edge over the online tools is the fact that business owners can reach out to their target market on a more personal level who may be in need of audio content which they can listen to at their most convenient time.

Producing a business podcast should be easy once you have the right equipment and have planned your topics well moving forward. Keep in mind that once you’ve started doing podcasts, you’ll need to produce them regularly to keep your regular visitors coming back.

Advanced planning is necessary notably in terms of the topics you’ll cover and the speakers you may want to invite or interview. Business owners who don’t have enough time to produce the podcasts on their own can get the services of a professional production studio to help them. More →

Treating Your Topic with Respect

Creating podcasts that attract the right audience takes more than just knowing the ins and outs of the technology used for recording. In fact, great content is not enough as well. You need to get the right mix of content, recording quality, and presentation to snag your audience’s attention.

Oftentimes, what this means is dealing with controversial topics or at the very least coming up with catchy podcast titles that will raise and eyebrow or two. All that is fine and well, because you need to attract listeners! Once you get to the actual podcast though, it is important you maintain a respectful attitude about the topic and, if any, your guest(s).

respect sign

Treating your topic/guest with respect does not mean that you need to sit back and stop asking hard questions. It also does not mean agreeing to points you don’t agree with, or bending over backwards to avoid a controversial stance. Doing so will be hypocritical and may even make you sound condescending. So how do you treat a topic with respect, especially if you do not agree or believe in it?

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Free Audio Sharing Sites for Your Podcasts

Producing podcasts is indeed an effective way of reaching out to people today regardless of geographical location. It lets you share information and tips and educate people on a lot of things that are useful in their lives.

But as in any content shared online, you to need to share your podcasts in as many avenues as possible. Apart from posting them on your website, blog or social media, there’s another option readily available. You can also post them on free audio sharing sites.

Here are some sites you can check out and if you’re interested, you can sign up and share your audio files right away. More →

How Real Estate Agents can Tap the Power of Podcasts

It’s a fact that podcasts are effective marketing and tutorial tools. The online tool is free to use and is capable of attracting audience who can be regular listeners.

real estate podcast

All types of business organizations can tap the power of podcasts. Real estate agents and experts should also consider utilizing this tool to share tips and strategies with people interested to start a career in the industry as well as to attract potential buyers to properties they may be selling.

There are many advantages to using digital media. It is easily accessible anywhere you are and anytime you want to take advantage of it being always on demand. It is free to use so you don’t have to spend a huge amount to produce a presentation. It allows for immediate interaction as your audience can easily comment and you can respond back right away. More →

Listening to the Best Beauty Podcasts

lifeminute beauty logoBeauty care might be the last topic you’d expect to find when looking for good podcasts to listen to, especially since a videocast seems to be the more appropriate way of disseminating beauty tips and tricks. Still, you will find some good podcasts on the topic of beauty out there. Apparently the makers of these podcasts know how to make good ones and attract the right audience.

For those looking for beauty podcasts to listen to, here are our some of our favourites:

LifeMinute Beauty - Dishes out the latest beauty and fashion trends, from the newest and best beauty products to straight-off-the-catwalk fashion finds.

Beautiful Body Bistro – Aside from giving you fitness tips to make your body beautiful, this podcast is full of advice to help you find beauty from within and live a fuller life.

Chasing Beauty – The makers of this podcast “hope to inspire you to change the habits that perpetuate low self esteem related to beauty, and to provide ideas on how to start making positive choices for yourself.”

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How to Create Podcasts that Attract the Right Audience

A good audio spells the difference in creating podcasts that attract people and connect with the listeners. It’s a natural instinct of people to turn away from poor audio quality. So unless you can deliver engaging and valuable content, your audience won’t stay long to listen to your podcast.


A quality podcast can only be attained through a combination of several factors. These are the human factor, the audio technology you use and logistical planning.

Human Factor

The human voice is foremost in the list. It has to be appealing to the audience and not monotonous. The storytelling style and conversations or interviews with experts are often interesting to listen to. More →

Ensuring Quality Interviews for Podcasts

podcast interview
A podcast featuring an interview can be very engaging particularly if the interviewee is an expert or a well known authority in his particular field and the topic is of great interest to a lot of people. Interviews can keep your audience glued to your show unlike when there’s only one speaker doing the podcast.

But in order to achieve success in your podcast interview, you need to take the right steps and be consistent moving forward.

Get an interviewee who knows his work very well and who is comfortable with the media. They are more likely to provide concise answers.

Provide your questions beforehand. It would be a good idea to provide your interviewee beforehand with the questions you’re going to ask him. This will help him or her prepare for his answers and ensure a smooth interview in the process.

Organize your questions as well. Start with the general topic and then move into specifics. More →