… And Blue Airtime – big broadcast microphone


Now this looks interesting. Out of pure luck I just found out about this new broadcast microphone when double-checking that I had the right URL for Blues website. I haven’t received any press release about it, and all that I can find about it on their website is a one page PDF filled mostly with the regular marketing blurb.

A few things worth to mention:

  • It’s Blue, so it looks great.
  • Features “phantom power pure dynamic technology”. I don’t know if it means anything or if it’s just marketing gibberish, but it requires phantom power.
  • Supposedly has consistent sonic quality whatever you plug it into. Yeah right, like you can just remove the mic preamp from the calculation. Allow me to enter skeptic mode.
  • Has a bass roll-off switch.
  • It will be released in August and I’ll try to get ahold of one for review.

Blue Microphones

Originally posted on May 21, 2008 @ 12:55 pm

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