Audacity 1.3.7 Beta Released

audacityThe version was released to address some of the errors/bugs found with the previous release which was 1.2.6 which reached stable release status. Addressing issues such as cross-platform bugs that had muting/soloing that resulted in incorrect channel results in exported stereo files, the missing progress bar in NyQuist (effect programming language) and the nasty truncation of the file when it was canceled was fixed. The export process that resulted in corrupted WAV files when you over wrote the same file, with the uncompressed export multiple system produced only 16-bit WAV files. The bug that killed exported MP3 and WMA supported meta data was also addressed along with multi-channel recording devices that recorded two channels using the software were also addressed.
Newly added features had the F11 full screen mode was addressed giving more control with the addition of a sliding time scale/pitch Shift effect thanks to the Audio Contrast Analyzer and the addition of the Direct Sound API in windows allowing ease of use in windows making it better than previous releases. Audacity has remained to be one of the best open-sourced recording/editing software around under the GNP General Public License agreement meaning the best part, its free and users get to add or suggest nifty features the developers or they themselves can supply.
Want special effects, then Audacity’s built in NyQuist programming language allows you, the user to program your own special effects for your needs. Programmed in Lisp, it can easily be learned from tutorials on the Audacity page and from the creator allowing unlimited special effects that border on full access to the whole spectrum of special effects one can create. The best feature of Audacity, it that it works across the whole spread pf platforms, may you be running Mac OS X, Windows or GNU/Linux allowing you to use the same software for all of these operating systems. And did we mention that it’s free for all to use but if you get some cash out of your work using the software, donations would be greatly appreciated to give credit to the developers and support the cause. The newest addition to the version lists, Version 1.3.7 Beta will be addressing more bugs as they are found along with many more improvements the developers may deem good to add. Downloading is free for both versions at the homepage along with some recommended hardware choices they regularly update for those who are serious about audio recording, so what are you waiting for, get your copy for podcasts that you control, not the software and its free to use.

Originally posted on March 17, 2009 @ 10:11 pm

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