Author: Karli

  • 7 Female Artists Changing the Music Game in 2014

    In 2013, it appeared to be the year of the women and many breakout artists and consistent regulars blew up the charts month after month. We heard Katy Perry Roar and Lady Gaga create ArtPop. New artists like Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey crooned to our ever disenchanted hearts. Then there’s Beyonce who continues […]

  • Paint me a picture

    One thing that podcasters usually forget is that podcasting is an medium of sound. It is in audio that you relay your information or tell your story. The reason I mention this is because most podcasters still do their podcasts without taking this important fact into consideration. What I mean is that they do not […]

  • The Beercast Option

    It is the rare individual who takes to podcasting immediately. Sometimes the best way to ease into a new skill is to ask for a little company. Add some alcohol into the mix and what you have is cool and fun way of podcasting that will surely be entertaining and spontaneous. Beercasts are gaining a […]

  • Market your podcast

    I’ve mentioned before that one of the biggest hurdles of having a podcast is finding an audience that will support your podcast and be there to listen to it every time you have a new episode. The best way to ensure that you gain an audience and ensure that it grows is by marketing your […]

  • Audio Quality and Balancing

    Audio quality may be the key to a successful and a failed podcast that can be easily achieved with the many free and premium software out on the market today. Some are easy to use and some are a bit more complicated and with good reason for these types of audio editing tools are more […]