Author: Karli

  • Gain makes the Difference in a Podcast

    Ever wanted to tame that noisy unbalanced podcast, well then you might just have to add some hardware that’s small yet compact and mobile enough for you to take with you anywhere. Ever been caught with a standard mic without the USB connector at the end, no worry, this next thingy comes with the advantage […]

  • Minimizing Background Noise During Recording

    One of the problems of podcasting is noise. During the recording process, noise would usually creep into the finished product. Ambient noise from many different sources that you will find in the environment can find its way into your recording and it can be irritating to hear distracting noises while listening to a podcast. Unfortunately, […]

  • A Gadget for Better Phone Interviews

    If you’re the techie type of podcaster, you’d be very open to buying different gadgets to help you in your podcasts. If you want to record your phone interviews with an exceptional level of quality you should get a handset tap. For example, a great gadget is the QuickTap manufactured by JK Audio. The $60 […]

  • Preparation is key

    One thing that distinguishes a really good podcast from the one that is ho-hum is how smoothly the podcast flows in terms of how the people talk. Nothing’s stilted, there are no awkward pauses, no unsure lulls in the conversation and no grasping for what will happen next. How do you ensure that what you’ll […]

  • Grow Your Audience and Get Sponsors … Real Ones

    Everybody has talked about podcasting and everybody has their opinion on which is best and how to do it. Like blogging, pod casting has been around for quite sometime (since personal digital players became standard in the millions of pockets, purses and bags the world over) so similarly, it can be used to earn a […]