Author: Karli

  • Minimizing Background Noise During Recording

    One of the problems of podcasting is noise. During the recording process, noise would usually creep into the finished product. Ambient noise from many different sources that you will find in the environment can find its way into your recording and it can be irritating to hear distracting noises while listening to a podcast. Unfortunately, […]

  • Media Formats – Do they really matter?

    If you hope to maximize your distribution of a certain product it does but for overall general web-based podcasts, MP3 or AAC would do. Most audio editing software come with their own file conversion systems. Like iTunes, you can easily rip cd’s into either AAC or MP3, but all this comes with some audio know-how […]

  • Grow Your Audience and Get Sponsors … Real Ones

    Everybody has talked about podcasting and everybody has their opinion on which is best and how to do it. Like blogging, pod casting has been around for quite sometime (since personal digital players became standard in the millions of pockets, purses and bags the world over) so similarly, it can be used to earn a […]

  • Proper Archiving Is Important

    Your podcasts are a great source of information for many people. You’ve put a lot of hard work on your podcasts and this hard work may have resulted in more people listening to your regular podcasts but without proper archiving you will throw all of your hard work out the window. You should have a […]

  • Interview Podcasts

    The interview is a bit more complicated than your normal, personal, off the mill podcast especially if you will be conferencing over the internet or live even, face to face. First, study the set up and get down to planning a few setup’s trying to figure out what works best. For teleconferencing, you can record […]