Author: Lorraine Marie

  • Podcast Names & Title Ideas: The Podcast Name Generator

    Podcast names are tricky. At the planning stage, it feels like the most important decision you’ll ever make. You might start with a list of podcast name ideas, each one trying to get the right balance of clarity, gravity, and humour. It can keep you up at night trying to make the right decision. But, […]

  • Listen Notes to Launch Free Podcast Hosting

    One of the biggest recurring costs for podcasters is hosting. While there are free options, like Spotify’s Anchor, most will run you between $5-50/month depending on the number of uploads or downloads.  Podcast search engine Listen Notes hopes to cut costs for podcasters everywhere by announcing that later in 2022 they’re launching a service called Listen Host. Listen Host […]

  • 4 Ways the Cost of Living Crisis Is Hitting Podcasting

    In case you hadn’t noticed, everyone’s talking about the cost of living crisis right now. With food and fuel costs rising sharply and inflation (in the UK, at least) at its highest since the 1980s, it’s no wonder this is on everyone’s minds.   But before you start to nod off, don’t worry. We’re not here […]

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