Author: Horatio

  • Get the Word Out About Your Podcasts

    Get the Word Out About Your Podcasts

    In business, it pays to spread the word about what you do and what you offer to people. Fortunately, those who want to start one today have many tools to choose from to market their products and services to their target market. On the internet alone, the choices available to business-oriented people are plenty such […]

  • Free Audio Sharing Sites for Your Podcasts

    Producing podcasts is indeed an effective way of reaching out to people today regardless of geographical location. It lets you share information and tips and educate people on a lot of things that are useful in their lives. But as in any content shared online, you to need to share your podcasts in as many […]

  • How Real Estate Agents can Tap the Power of Podcasts

    It’s a fact that podcasts are effective marketing and tutorial tools. The online tool is free to use and is capable of attracting audience who can be regular listeners. All types of business organizations can tap the power of podcasts. Real estate agents and experts should also consider utilizing this tool to share tips and […]

  • How to Create Podcasts that Attract the Right Audience

    A good audio spells the difference in creating podcasts that attract people and connect with the listeners. It’s a natural instinct of people to turn away from poor audio quality. So unless you can deliver engaging and valuable content, your audience won’t stay long to listen to your podcast. A quality podcast can only be […]

  • Ensuring Quality Interviews for Podcasts

    A podcast featuring an interview can be very engaging particularly if the interviewee is an expert or a well known authority in his particular field and the topic is of great interest to a lot of people. Interviews can keep your audience glued to your show unlike when there’s only one speaker doing the podcast. […]