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  • Get Started Bigtime in Podcasting

    Get Started Bigtime in Podcasting

    Podcasting may not be that popular compared to social media but it has gained a significant amount of followers particularly for people who have dedicated themselves to excel in this specific field. An effective marketing tool, many business owners and bloggers have recognized the power of podcasts in getting their message across in a more […]

  • Things to Know When Using Music for Podcasts

    Podcasts need to be produced in an informative yet interesting way to capture more listeners. Music can be an integral part of it particularly when the audio content that’s being produced are the tutorials and storytelling type with only one person doing the podcast. When two people are involved, music may be limited to transitions […]

  • Top 5 Comedy Podcasts Worth Listening To

    Let’s face it, watching comedy TV shows or live stand-up comedy acts every so often is a great stress reliever. It makes us smile and laugh, it exercises our facial muscles and lightens up our mood. But other than the television and the radio, you can also enjoy these funny talk shows on the internet […]

  • What The Experts Say About Producing Great Podcasts

    What The Experts Say About Producing Great Podcasts

    The power of audio online should not be disregarded. While videos and images are great to watch, there’s also something unique about audio. Listening to it provides a different kind of experience to anybody. It’s similar to listening to an on-demand talk radio but the difference is you can listen to your preferred content at […]

  • Easy Business Tips for Podcasting

    Podcasting remains to be a popular way of marketing a business. It is still being used by many solo entrepreneurs and organizations to gain more customers. Growth for this sector is expected to grow by 17 percent through 2013 from only nine percent in 2008. Specifically, the forecast is that 37.6 million people will download […]