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  • What The Experts Say About Producing Great Podcasts

    What The Experts Say About Producing Great Podcasts

    The power of audio online should not be disregarded. While videos and images are great to watch, there’s also something unique about audio. Listening to it provides a different kind of experience to anybody. It’s similar to listening to an on-demand talk radio but the difference is you can listen to your preferred content at […]

  • Great Ways to Use Audio and Reach More Clients

    Doing podcasts has its benefits particularly if you’re running a business. With more people downloading these audio files from iTunes, there’s a great possibility that you’ll also be able to reach your target audience and attract more onwards. The most important factor that makes podcasts an effective marketing tool is it allows prospects and regular […]

  • How to Earn From Your Podcasts

    Some people create podcasts out of passion. Often, they do this as a labor of love and free of charge. But did you know that you can actually earn an income from podcasting? Many people are earning well from this and you, too, can be successful if you follow some of these tips here. Podcasters […]

  • How to Add an Audio Player on Your Blog

    A blog can be enhanced in a lot of ways. Other than putting images, you can also add a video and even an audio file. Whether it’s music or your own voice recording that you’d like to share, it is possible to include an audio player on your WordPress blog. There are various methods to […]

  • Sound Effects You Can Use in Audacity

    Podcasts are a great tool for storytelling. When created with the best audio quality, you can be sure to attract listeners online. And who knows, they may be interested in downloading them as well. When recording a story, however, it can be a bit boring if you simply narrate everything. There’s a way to make […]