Author: Horatio

  • Sound Effects You Can Use in Audacity

    Podcasts are a great tool for storytelling. When created with the best audio quality, you can be sure to attract listeners online. And who knows, they may be interested in downloading them as well. When recording a story, however, it can be a bit boring if you simply narrate everything. There’s a way to make […]

  • Effective Ways to Promote Your Podcasts

    Podcasts are a great way to share your knowledge as well as that of other people. A major advantage is they can be shared online and can be saved in other multimedia players which means you can listen to them while on the go. Being an online format, podcasts can easily be shared and promoted […]

  • Types of Podcasts to Consider

    Despite the fact that podcasts are no longer very popular like they used to, there are still people who create them as a way to share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world. Don’t be discouraged right away by what you hear or what you read. As long as you’re passionate about […]

  • How to Record Great Voiceovers

    To do a successful podcast requires a clear and pleasant sounding voiceover. A great voice may not really be necessary because what counts is a clear one that can deliver information and the message in an interesting manner. Keep in mind that your goal is to attract people to listen to your podcast and enable […]