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  • Audio lingo: Equalizer

    The Equalizer – or EQ for short – is basically a device that let’s you “sculpt” the sound by raising or lowering the volume at a specific frequency as opposed to lowering or raising the volume of the entire spectrum like a regular volume control does. When talking about EQs this is generally referred to […]

  • Distance – Keep It

    One more of the fundamental tips is to keep your distance from the mic which most people forget for with proper distance (which by the way you get only with experience with your setup) from the mic for whatever cost you may have spent on a mic use it wrong and you get trash. Mic […]

  • Solid 2

    Here’s a series of clips where I’m basically playing around with a couple of rhythm loops and a synth. They’re variations of the same theme. solid2 Originally posted on January 5, 2009 @ 1:27 am

  • Audio lingo: Mid-side recording

    Mid-side – or M/S – recording is a way of setting up two microphones to create a wide stereo image. The mid microphone is placed to face the sound you want to record. The side microphone must be a figure-8 microphone (such as a ribbon). It’s placed at about the same spot as the mid […]

  • Audio lingo: Phantom power

    Phantom power (or +48 V) is the description of a certain powering commonly needed for condenser microphones but are sometimes used for other equipment as well. It is common to see on both mixers and audio interfaces these days. Before buying a condenser microphone, make sure that you have the phantom power to supply it […]