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  • Will SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Deal With Zambia Help Podcasters?

    SpaceX plans to launch Starlink operations in Zambia. This means that the quest to get rid of poor internet issues and the high cost of data in the Sub- Saharan region is underway. Zambia will soon have unlimited, fast internet. However, will SpaceX’s Starlink Internet help podcasters? SpaceX’s Starlink Internet Deal with Zambia In September […]

  • How to Introduce New Audiences to Audio Drama Podcasts, or Audio Fiction, Not Friction

    Recently, Tom Webster wished in his article “Podcasting, Audiobooks, and the Third Thing.” for an elusive “Third Thing…crafted with all of the creative force of the novelist or biographer, but designed from the ground up to be heard–not just through sound design, but packaged for easy episodic consumption, and written to be heard, not read.” […]

  • The Death of Twitter: What Does it Mean for Podcasters?

    Last week, the top trending hashtag on Twitter worldwide was #RIPTwitter. Awkward. As things seem to go from bad to worse for the social media platform, it got us thinking: What impact could the death of Twitter have on the podcasting community? Let’s take a look at what exactly has been going down at Twitter […]

  • How Streamyard Can Help You Get Your Podcast Onto YouTube With Less Fuss

    There’s much more talk about putting podcasts on YouTube lately than ever before. Many podcasters ask, “Do I need to put my podcast on YouTube?” You don’t need to. Plenty of podcasts thrive without distributing their podcast to YouTube. But if you are a time-strapped or introverted indy podcaster and want a presence there, there’s […]

  • YouTube Handles: A New Feature to Get Podcasters Noticed

    A lot of podcast listening takes place on YouTube. And with YouTube officially stepping into the podcast-sphere earlier this year, the platform’s relationship with our medium will likely continue to strengthen. For podcasters, uploading your content to YouTube is great for expanding your reach and becoming more discoverable. YouTube Handles could help take this to […]

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