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  • AI Tool Launches That Can Detect Misinformation in Podcasts

    Have you ever shared a piece of news or information on your podcast that you couldn’t verify was true? Well, a new AI tool has just emerged that will make any of us think twice about doing that again.  NewsGuard and Barometer have just partnered to launch an AI-powered solution specifically designed to combat the […]

  • Rode Wireless Pro Review: Throw This Mic Away?

    Apologies for the clickbaity title of this Rode Wireless Pro review, but “throw this mic away” must’ve been on the UPS driver’s delivery note, because that’s exactly what they did! Fortunately, the kit was later handed in to me by a kind lady who found it lying at the side of the road. No, this […]

  • Castos Review: Premium Content, Transcriptions & Simplicity

    Since Castos launched, this media host has become one of the most reliable and accessible choices for podcast hosting. Initially, their commitment to transcription set them apart. Over time, Castos added more integrations and features in response to user demand. Years ago, when I first tried Castos, I was impressed but not excited. Now, I’m […]

  • Can AI Fix the Podcast Discovery Problem?

    In 2023, there are more than 4 million podcasts out there. Whether you’re a listener or a creator (if you’re reading this article, you’re likely both), that’s a pretty overwhelming number.  With so much podcast content out there, finding shows that genuinely align with your interests, values (and are actually good) isn’t so straightforward.  While […]

  • How To Write Great Emails for Your Business and Podcast

    The first marketing email sent in 1978 yielded $13 million in sales, kicking off the most effective digital marketing channel to date.  Fast forward to 2022, email (35%) was the third top marketing channel behind social media (44%) and websites (36%).  However, it remains one of the most effective channels to build an audience and […]

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