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  • New section: Audio lingo

    Alright, gather around ladies and gentlemen. A new section have been requested: Audio lingo. Basically this will be posts with short descriptions of anything audio related that the regular Joe might not instantly recognize. Because of this there will be a little repetition every now and then, but on the other hand it will be […]

  • We are online

    Welcome to Audival! The intention with this blog is to help you record and make a professional sounding podcast. We will supply you with tips and tutorials, as well as sound clips that you can use if you like to. Audival will be updated often so I hope that you visit frequently. Feel free to […]

  • Bumper Proposes ‘Better’ Way Than Downloads to Measure Podcast Success

    Measuring the success of your podcast can feel like a bit of a shot in the dark. There’s no ‘right’ way to do it. This is mostly down to the fact that no metric is perfect. But it’s also because ‘success’ means different things to different podcasters. Is it growing your followers or subscribers? Achieving […]

  • Podcasting in 2023: Podcraft Season 17

    Podcasting in 2023 – it’s a different world now than it was back in 1774. Long gone are the horse-drawn iPods and steam-powered New & Noteworthy charts. Today it’s all about cyborgs, hoverboards, and Artificial Intelligence. Grimdark future or techno-utopia? The truth is usually somewhere in between. On this “Podcasting in 2023” season of Podcraft, […]

  • Keynotes, awards, and award-winning keynotes!

    This is a weekly newsletter for Podcast Movement event and community updates. TWO! TWO WEEKS UNTIL EVOLUTIONS! We’ve got so much happening, and it’s all good! We’re placing bets on what you all think the coolest part of the below is… read on and let us know! PM EVENT NEWS Peabody & Murrow Award Winner […]