Distance – Keep It

microphoneOne more of the fundamental tips is to keep your distance from the mic which most people forget for with proper distance (which by the way you get only with experience with your setup) from the mic for whatever cost you may have spent on a mic use it wrong and you get trash. Mic filters, wind screens and many other stuff will get you respectable audio yet if you are still in the learning curve, try this trick, make a distance cue, say a pencil with the tip coated with some fluorescent paint to make it stand out and focus on the proper distance using it as a guide till you get it to sink in.
The best distance depends greatly on your mic which can have varying specifications, set yours in the mid point of the effective pickup range recommended by the manufacturer. Be sure to take into account the other hardware you have in front of the mic such as the stocking filter which kills out some of the hiss in your voice. Your voice practicing would come into play here, where you can do the whole podcast with the same voice level and tone. but don’t be like a robot without emotions but don’t over-do it too for too much enthusiasm will turn away leaders in your podcast is trash. The whole spectrum counts and do everything right, think it out and in the end you get the best podcasts you can possibly make.

Originally posted on April 30, 2009 @ 2:13 am

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