Free Audio Sharing Sites for Your Podcasts

Producing podcasts is indeed an effective way of reaching out to people today regardless of geographical location. It lets you share information and tips and educate people on a lot of things that are useful in their lives.

But as in any content shared online, you to need to share your podcasts in as many avenues as possible. Apart from posting them on your website, blog or social media, there’s another option readily available. You can also post them on free audio sharing sites.

Here are some sites you can check out and if you’re interested, you can sign up and share your audio files right away.



SoundCloud is a popular site for all types of creators of music and audio including artists, bands and podcasters. It boasts of great and easy to use features for both PC and mobile devices. It’s fast and easy to share audio files across social media sites once you’ve posted them.

While uploading of files is the common way of posting audio on the site, mobile users can also use the record button on the mobile app. Accessing files is not a problem as well because you can do it via the iPhone and Android apps.


allows uploading, sharing and downloading of audio files. The files can be podcasts, music, live performances, interviews, sound bites and effects, audio books and ring tones.

Audio files on this site are organized into channels each with a title, description and tags.

Users of the site are free to share and distribute content of other users. They can also interact with each other through the comments section.



Chirbit allows uploading of audio files up to 120 MB each. It accepts various file formats including mp3, wav, wmv, mp4, ogg, amr, aiff and 3gp. It even lets you record directly from your browser using only a webcam or a microphone.

Other great features are the ability to add an image and QR code to each audio post.

Originally posted on May 27, 2013 @ 12:30 am

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