Gain makes the Difference in a Podcast

icicleEver wanted to tame that noisy unbalanced podcast, well then you might just have to add some hardware that’s small yet compact and mobile enough for you to take with you anywhere. Ever been caught with a standard mic without the USB connector at the end, no worry, this next thingy comes with the advantage of a USB converter and universal adapter allowing you to connect both condenser and dynamic mics to a gadget that balances everything out, giving you clear and crisp podcasts.
from comes the Icicle, a gain control device that allows you to adjust the amount of sensitivity (through a built in knob) that features seamless installation without the need for drivers. You plug it in and start recording on whatever recording software you may have. It’s a USB converter, gain control and preamp, all in one barrel packaged product that includes a six feet cable so you never snag on those scattered stuff on your desk.
Most basic mics come with their might tamed by the audio card that is pre installed onto your system. You use the mic jack and that’s it, not much control for whatever you’re recording and you have to get some heavy software to balance out everything. Why not start control of the audio before it hits the USB input so you get clear, clean input that needs little digital enhancement. Some of the best mics in the world are still analog by design for they offer the most clear audio. Add control to your podcast audio before you get it into the computer for better and clearer podcasts even your mom can understand.

Originally posted on December 24, 2010 @ 1:54 am

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