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Podcasting may not be that popular compared to social media but it has gained a significant amount of followers particularly for people who have dedicated themselves to excel in this specific field. An effective marketing tool, many business owners and bloggers have recognized the power of podcasts in getting their message across in a more personal manner.

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If you’re one of those contemplating on starting a podcast, there are steps you can follow which the experts have done themselves. These are simple ways to ensure that you produce quality content and establish trust with your audience moving forward.

Follow a System

Having a system should be top priority. Sometimes, you just don’t know where to start but if you draft a plan and a system, everything will flow smoothly. The experts say having good equipment will not always lead to success unless you have a system to help you come up with an interesting podcast. This means setting up a checklist or
workflow for every episode that you want to produce.

Your checklist should have the tasks that need to be done to guide you in your production. You can create standard templates such as for your emails, follow-ups as well as for your intro’s and extro’s.

Prepare for Launch Day

Ensure that everything’s all set before you launch your podcast to the world wide web. The content and audio quality of your podcast will spell the difference in being ranked high in the iTunes podcast store. Right now, iTunes has a New and Noteworthy category that occupies the top two rows which are very visible on the screen.

Since your launch date, iTunes allow up to eight weeks of exposure or eligibility in the top 100 New and Noteworthy podcasts. If you’re able to be in this list, you have every chance to gain much organic traffic.

Create Engaging Content

Cliche as it may seem but content is king. For podcasts, focus on a topic that you are comfortable talking about and something that you would like to listen yourself. It has to be something that you know very well and that will allow you to deliver with enthusiasm and utmost sincerity.

At the end of your show, you can then ask your audience for feedback to find out how they feel about the topic.

Then include a call-to-action such as encouraging them to email you or visit your website for upcoming podcasts and other relevant information.

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Originally posted on March 8, 2013 @ 9:44 pm

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