Great Ways to Use Audio and Reach More Clients

Doing podcasts has its benefits particularly if you’re running a business. With more people downloading these audio files from iTunes, there’s a great possibility that you’ll also be able to reach your target audience and attract more onwards.

The most important factor that makes podcasts an effective marketing tool is it allows prospects and regular clients to hear your voice. They may not see the person behind it but with the voice speaking, they can be moved or influenced by your words and the way you’re speaking to them.

So if you’d like to create your first podcast, doing an interview is an appropriate one. It’s not only easy to do but it also allows you and your listeners to learn from your guest.

For a start, think of who you’re going to interview. Make a list of people who are experts in your industry, get their contact details and decide on the topic you’ll be covering for each of them. Contact each and set a schedule for an interview. Many business owners feel honored to be interviewed so don’t be intimidated.

Create a niche for your prospects. By this, it means targeting people who are more likely to patronize your products or services instead of getting a great number of followers who simply like you. Then engage them through your podcasts, find out their needs and tailor your products and offerings to solve their issues. This way, you can be sure that people won’t hesitate to buy them.

Apart from doing the interview, did you know that you can also be a guest in a podcast? This is another way of reaching your audience and sharing your expertise. If you’ve established your credibility online, it will be easy for other business owners and podcast producers to find you and who knows, they might just invite you to be a guest interviewee or speaker.

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Originally posted on November 5, 2012 @ 11:58 pm

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