Grow Your Audience and Get Sponsors … Real Ones

podsponsorEverybody has talked about podcasting and everybody has their opinion on which is best and how to do it. Like blogging, pod casting has been around for quite sometime (since personal digital players became standard in the millions of pockets, purses and bags the world over) so similarly, it can be used to earn a few bucks. If you have a good following, then the data you have can show prospective sponsors that you are worth the investment. it gives them exposure for a minimal fee. Don’t get too tied up with all your work and try to give time to finding sponsors for your podcast to fuel your work. Yes, we know it’s getting harder to find them but some will surely bite.
You’ll be surprised at the willingness of some yet at the ignorance of others for such new media. You might even find people who are willing to go onto new media for the first time and get a good deal. Never think you have done enough for technology and your audience is always out for something new. May you be on Linux, Windows or OSX, you must evolve to survive in today’s wired world. Get cozy with your audience so you get feedback to improve and incorporate a free one from time to time so your sponsors don’t see you as a simple provider but a part of the family. Sponsors come and go though so do be prepared to get looking each and everyday. Who knows, you might just establish a wedge for yourself in pod casting history as one of the best. You don’t need all the fancy expensive stuff for a good podcast, you need to be in touch with the social net so you keep in touch with your audience and information is relevant.

Originally posted on December 17, 2010 @ 5:08 pm

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