How Consistency Leads to Podcasting Success

Almost all the benefits of podcasting stem from one thing – and that’s consistency. If you publish quality content over a prolonged period of time, you eventually hit a critical mass of episodes you can now call your “back catalogue” – and it’s a powerful tool.

On this episode of Podcraft, we’re going to look at the benefits of this published body of work, which includes the ability for new listeners to binge your content, as well as providing you with a tonne of repurposing options, too.

Following up on our previous episode, From Doubt to Determination, we’ll also continue to explore the barriers and challenges our Indiepod Legends have faced, as well as how they’ve overcome them. It’s another value-packed programme filled with lessons, takeaways, and motivating anecdotes!

Transcription: How Consistency Leads to Podcasting Success

Meet Our Indiepod Legends

“The amount of people who go through our archive and listen to old episodes is incredible to see. And in the months where no new content is coming out, it’s quite nice to see that the downloads are staying pretty consistent… which is amazing because it means that all those episodes are still there, are still being listened to… they still reach new audiences.”

Kathi – Wild for Scotland

“It’s kind of cool now, though… where people who listen to your show then start a podcast, and then they want to invite you on for an interview, and it’s like, oh, it’s coming full circle. That’s been fun, to see people go out and be successful and do really well, and for them to send me a message or an email or something and say, hey, really appreciate your show or your content. It helped me get to where I am now. And it’s just cool. Now that I’ve done this for a while, I’ve been able to see people’s trajectory.”

Gabe – Board Game Design Lab

“I usually only have 50 shows in the RSS feed. So, I automatically always have the last one drop off when a new one comes up. And when I started my Patreon almost ten years ago, I decided to make my entire archive as one of the rewards. So it’s like it’s lowest tier. You don’t have to give me much, but you can get the entire backlog.”

Mur – I Should Be Writing

“I guess the thing that I’m trying to figure out is if you were coming to my podcast as a new listener, and you went, oh my gosh, there’s hundreds of episodes. Which ones would be a good starting point, and how would you know that? So that’s something I’m thinking through at the moment.”

Vicki – Bring Your Product Idea to Life

“I feel like it’s just so easy to compare yourself, especially when you’re trying to push yourself forward. Of course you want to look around and see, like, okay, where is the bar? But also, it’s not about other people running their race at all. If you get too focused on that stuff, I think you end up doing a bunch of stuff that’s not productive. And we definitely did a lot of that.”

Samra – She Well Read

“So, what we do now is episodes where I was interviewed on another podcast. We’ll take those and put them in my feed. And that has worked really well because it’s not often that my listeners get to hear me being interviewed. So it’s another way to repurpose content, but it’s not really my own podcast.”

Andrea – The Savvy Social Podcast

“For the most part, it was kind of trial and error, particularly editing, which was trial and error. Just the act of podcasting and the act of editing and marketing was somewhat of a challenge, only in that I was marketing something I wasn’t used to, which is marketing a podcast versus marketing books.”

Paul – The Joy of Cruising

“I wish I would have known what the reason was for it to be alive, the podcast, the content, and then how it can serve people. I wish I would have really refined my Why.”

Daren – The One Percent Better Runner

“And really, it just organically grew. I think the first year I did like 40 some. I did it every week, and it was like 46 weeks out of the 52 weeks that I had a podcast episode up. So I was just embraced completely.”

Susan – Lush Life

“And I feel like that kind of interaction with my listeners is always so meaningful to me because it goes right back to how you can find out anything by asking the right questions of people. And that for me, is really what the joy of the podcast is”

dCarrie – Travel N Sh!t

Originally posted on April 8, 2024 @ 12:27 am

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