How I Like My Podcasts

We’re all different, and all like things differently done. Here’s how I like my podcasts.

  • Short. It doesn’t matter if it’s a topic I enjoy listen to, I just get easily bored when not much is happening (see below). Five minutes is OK, 20 minutes and you can bet that I won’t listen to the whole thing if it isn’t extremely well done, interesting, and fun.
  • With action. If the podcast is short it doesn’t matter as much, but if it’s a little longer things need to happen. A guy that basically sits talking for 15 minute at the same dynamic level and at the same pitch will bore me, almost no matter how interesting the topic. A good speaker is crucial here. There are other ways as well, like implementing small FX or music breaks if it’s more than one segment for instance.
  • Audio well produced. I’m sorry, but if it’s uneven in volume (which will cause me to miss sentences because the guy is mumbling or leaning back for instance), is cutting in my ears, or whatever – then I probably will turn it off.
  • Original (or at least not as a rip-off). It can be everything from the speaker (the US-styled deep-voice commentator is in, which I don’t really care for myself), to the content, to the production. The podcast format fortunately helps originality flourish, and I actually think there’s a good amount of it out there. But of course, there’s a lot of those who choose not to include that ingredient as well.

These are just my opinions, and your podcasts are of course not necessarily aimed towards me.

Originally posted on August 23, 2011 @ 4:59 am

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