How Podcasting Saves Your Business Money

With all the costs associated with running a business these days, a lot of business owners are looking for ways to cut spending. Whether you are a large DME company selling oxygen concentrators or you are a smaller company in a growing market, podcasting can provide your company with considerable savings in numerous ways.

As with integrating any type of new technology into your plan of operations, podcasting requires some practice to get the hang of and use effectively. However, once you get started using podcasting to enhance the way you do business, you will wonder how your company ever got by without it. With that in mind, here are a few ways podcasts can help your company improve its bottom line.


Reach More Customers

Instead of spending millions of dollars on overly expensive advertising, many companies have learned to use podcasting as a means to cutting their advertising costs. In their weekly or even daily podcasts, companies are able to represent their products and services, explain to customers how they are useful to them in practical ways, and also leave time for questions and answers at the end. This not only helps to create a community atmosphere, but provides far more depth to your company and what it is selling than would typically be received through an ordinary print advertisement. It gives your loyal customers something fun and exciting to look forward to from week to week.

Eliminating The Need For Expensive Conference Calls

If you are running a company that has offices all around the nation or even in other states or countries, then you know the hassle and expense that is associated with weekly or even monthly conference calls. You want to keep all your employees up to date on the latest news coming down the pike concerning your company, and half way through the conference call the lines go down and half your offices lose their connection. This is a typical and often frustrating, if not an expensive waste of your time. If you really want to leverage your company’s money and your time better, then podcasting your weekly, monthly, or even quarterly reports is both less expensive and far more convenient. For starters, since anyone in your company anywhere can download or be automatically sent the latest podcast you have put up, it no longer becomes necessary to pull your employees away from their job all at the same time to get them to attend a conference call. Rather, they can pick up the latest podcast when they get a free moment and view or listen to it at their own convenience. In other words, this approach helps to keep your workers working during company hours, which translates to more business being done during business hours. Plus, if a person is out sick, it does not matter. They can always go back and review the latest podcast or even earlier podcasts for any relevant company information they may need to look over.

Originally posted on November 12, 2014 @ 9:34 pm

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