How to Add an Audio Player on Your Blog

A blog can be enhanced in a lot of ways. Other than putting images, you can also add a video and even an audio file.

Whether it’s music or your own voice recording that you’d like to share, it is possible to include an audio player on your WordPress blog. There are various methods to do it and we’re sharing them here for your convenience.
Firstly, you can include the url of the site if you’re uploading from the internet. File formats that are allowed on WordPress are .mp3, .mp4a, .ogg and .wav. You need to use a specific code and include the url in there. The code should look like this – .

When you use the code, an audio player will appear on your blog. If, however, the browser you’re using does not support HTML5 audio or it does not have a Flash Player, a download link will show instead. Chrome supports all file formats while Firefox supports only .wav and .ogg.

Another step is to create a download link on your site. You can do this if you have a filed hosted in a separate server whether your own or from a cloud server. By downloading the file, your readers will be able to listen to your audio whenever they want to.

For those who have audio files stored in their computer, you will need to purchase the Space Upgrade tool. It will allow you to upload files in all formats to the media library of your blog. Just remember, though, to click the None button for the link URL below the Attachment Display Settings and then hit Insert into Post.

So there, now you can share your audio files anywhere in your blog. You can do a short introduction about yourself and what your blog is all about and put the player at the top of your home page or share the music that you love.

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Originally posted on December 27, 2012 @ 7:01 am

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