How to be an Effective Voice Talent

Many artistic people around the world aspire to become actors in showbusiness. But not all are lucky to achieve this dream. Becoming an actor involves having great talent, a pleasant personality and the right agent to connect you with the right people in the industry.

However, there’s always an alternative particularly for those who possess a creative voice. Becoming a voice actor can become your dream profession.

With a voice that can talk like different characters of different ages, you have the opportunity to narrate for documentaries, voice for animated films and TV shows and be a voiceover talent for TV and radio commercials. It may not be that at the start but you can always find ways to improve your voice talent.

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Take Voice Lessons

If you’re serious about becoming a successful voice actor, taking voice lessons will do you good. It will help expand your vocal range and teach you the right ways to better control the volume and sound of your voice.

At home, constant practice is also a must. You can practice imitating movie characters you like and it will help your voice become more flexible. You can even make demos featuring your voice doing that.

In addition to imitating characters, you also need to continue reading as often as you can and reciting monologues from a script. It’s best to record them and review afterwards so you can take note of improvements you want to make.

Create Demos

Create several demos of your voice acting as much as possible. This is the best way to showcase your talent and find projects to do. Make sure that you record a quality audio to make an impact to potential recruiters and production people looking for talents.

When creating your demos, you can choose to do an original using a script you wrote on your own or you can do imitations of movie or TV characters you like.

Register on Membership Sites

There are several membership websites today that cater to voice talents around the world. Some offer a free plan although there’s also an option to upgrade to a paid plan to be able to attract more projects. Some of these sites are and Other useful tips can be found on F3Y.

Find a Talent Agent

For those in the U.S., there may be a need to look for a talent agent as well similar to what real actors do. An agent can help in terms of informing you of casting calls in your locality and matching you with the right jobs. A usual requirement is submitting a demo reel and resume.

Be sure, however, to find a talent agent who specializes in voice acting. Then inform him or her about your preference for work such as if you want to do voice acting for TV, movies or radio.

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