How to Get Started With Your Online Show

There are just so many ways to share information on the internet. Apart from simply publishing text through articles and blog posts, doing a podcast is also an effective method.

A podcast is most ideal for people who love to talk without so many people watching them. And the best part is, you don’t have to be a professional speaker to do it.

Doing a podcast is similar to working like a radio disc jockey. You go on the air, talk a bit and then play music. The only difference is in a podcast, your aim is to share valuable information to your audience without much music.

A podcast can be your online show but it doesn’t have to involve only one person all the time. You could get a co-host or you can do interviews to promote interaction and an exchange of information.

If possible, get an expert from a certain field to entice people to listen to your show. It’s a huge come-on if you have somebody with experience and who can give useful tips and strategies that your target market can apply in their personal and professional lives. When you are able to interview an authority in his field or in line with yours in your every show, people will trust you and get them to regularly listen to your podcast.

The experts would tell you that it’s easier to conduct an interview than do a monologue. When you’re talking to another person, the conversation flows and becomes more interesting to listen to.

Basically, there are two online show formats to choose from – the extended monologue and the talk show. The monologue format as its name suggests involves only a single individual as if he or she is just doing a presentation. The talk show, on the other hand, involves multiple people discussing a specific topic.

For the interview format, make sure you prepare ahead on what you’re going to discuss. Get a short biography of the person you’re going to interview and list down at least five or seven questions to ask.

You can inform your interviewee about the questions so he or she can prepare in advance as well.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll do great in starting your online show soon.

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Originally posted on December 16, 2012 @ 2:00 am

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