How to Record Great Voiceovers

To do a successful podcast requires a clear and pleasant sounding voiceover. A great voice may not really be necessary because what counts is a clear one that can deliver information and the message in an interesting manner.

Keep in mind that your goal is to attract people to listen to your podcast and enable them to absorb the message you are relaying. And the voiceover is a major consideration.

Here then are some tips that you can follow to ensure you create a podcast worth listening to.

A very important tool that you need to have first is a quality microphone. This tool can make or break your voiceover work. Most experts today recommend getting a USB mic rather than one that uses a serial port. The USB type, they say, does not take up noise compared to the traditional one.

Once you have the mic, the room is the next vita consideration. It can be any room but make sure there’s less windows. But if you have a room with no window, it’s best to use that. Your aim here is to record in a space where no sound can get in. If possible, your computer should not be in the room as the mic can pick up the sound of the PC fans running.

If possible, avoid recording in front of a table. This because the reflections off a table can affect the sound.

Make sure as well that your script is organized in a way that it ends with a complete sentence. This is to avoid turning a page in the middle of a line. Use a wired frame music stand or other types of stand that can hold the script to prevent any rustle sound.

Do provide a glass of fresh water in the room. This will help you lubricate your throat should it goes dry while you’re recording. Did you know that an apple can also help? This fruit can actually reduce mouth clicks that may not be solved by drinking water.

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Originally posted on July 6, 2012 @ 10:17 pm

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