5 Interesting Comic Podcasts Worth Listening To

Podcasts are a great way to enjoy online content whether at home or on the go. One does not need a special gadget because any smartphone or tablet can conveniently download podcasts.

One of the most popular podcasts today are on comics. Some of these discuss the latest in the industry, share news updates and other interesting stories. Most are produced on a weekly basis and can last for about an hour.

We share here five comic podcasts worth your time.

Comic Book Club

comic book club

This is a live stage show that gathers artists, comedians, editors and writers as they share about their new projects and the comics they love. It’s an interesting podcast that allows the participation of the audience.

Overall, the show is lighthearted and does not necessarily delve deeper into things. An advantage is its quick pacing and one-liners which keep the audience glued to the hosts.



This is the official podcast of Comixology, the digital downloading service. Hosted by Jake and Slim, this podcast is recommended for diehard comic fans always on the lookout for new releases.

An advantage here is its positive focus in that listeners won’t hear much of the negative side of comics. Normally being discussed are the various comic books including the Marvel one which is a personal favorite of the two hosts. Their interviews with writers are also interesting with lots of insights.

House to Astonish

house to astonish

Produced and hosted by two writers Al Kennedy and Paul O’Brien, House to Astonish is considered to be an inteligent, if not the most intelligent, podcast on comic books. While it’s not as fast paced as the others, it is able to hold the listeners’ attention through its detailed and insightful reviews and discussion of news on the latest comics and the industry as well as the fortunes of IDW, Dark Horse and Image among other companies.

The comic reviews one can get from this podcast are deep and full of wit as the hosts delve on the writing, themes and ideas involved in creating a particular comic boook.

War Rocket Ajax

War Rocket Ajax

This is the official podcast of Comics Alliance run by Chris Sims and Matt Wilson. A professional podcast, it is full of energy with various topics being discussed in each production.

The podcast features reviews of the newest comic books and interesting interviews with top creators and journalists. Guests are usually asked about their careers and opinions on the industry.

Word Balloon

word balloon

Aspiring cartoonists who would like to gain some tips should tune in to the Word Balloon podcast. Hosted by John Siuntres, the show discusses the process of creating comics as shared by the artists and writers themselves. Siuntres runs the show in a very professional and intelligent manner engaging his interviewees and getting their thoughts on comic creation and the industry in general.

This is most recommended as well for fans looking for some in-depth analysis on everything related to comics.

As for those looking for the latest releases online, Kickstarter comics should definitely be included in your list. They are available in different genres and at affordable rates.

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