Interview Podcasts

The interview is a bit more complicated than your normal, personal, off the mill podcast especially if you will be conferencing over the internet or live even, face to face. First, study the set up and get down to planning a few setup’s trying to figure out what works best. For teleconferencing, you can record the questions and answers separately, editing them together with your editing software later. Background noise is a killer so search and silence all noisy stuff, equipment (if you love to use your computer, you’re sure to have more fans that the store bought PC casing so use something else and shut it off, the hum of the fans are louder that you think) and appliances all over the place you will be recording in. If possible, give the interviewee a copy of your questions so answers can be prepared ahead of time, even mentally, a few minutes before the recording session. Have separate mics for you and your subject to avoid the distraction of having to move the mic back and forth often resulting in noise which we don’t want. Use the background as effects for very creative sound structure and have some digital effects ready on a player for predictable use in your podcast. Be creative and find ways to improve or embellish the podcast with the many available digital effects over the internet or through the many built-in functions that came with your software.
Combine studio and free recorded podcasts to give the impression of tele-interviews with your subject on the go an you in the studio (or most probably inside the illuminated closet you favor). Hang-up the phone so no ringing from your phone can be heard (but remember to re-hook it afterwards). Making the podcast special is all with the one making the recording, may it be formal or not. Have fun and don’t be too fussy about noise if it is beyond your control, just be creative enough to use them as if they were designed to be in there with the rest of your work!

Originally posted on April 1, 2011 @ 10:30 am


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