iZotopes ANR-B adaptive noise reduction unit now available

Here’s a unit that’s bound to be too high-end for most podcasters (and for me for that matter). At a dazzling price of around $5000 the ANR-B adaptive noise reduction hardware unit (previous post) is not likely to attract home users who wants to get rid of noise. Radio stations seem to like it however.

From the iZotope press release:

WGBH Boston, America’s preeminent public broadcasting producer, has been employing one of the first ANR-B units in its state of the art facility to produce the renowned radio program “The World,” a co-production of Public Radio International and the BBC.

“At WGBH Radio our reporters and guests are often interviewed in war zones and some of the most remote locations on Earth,” says Ray Fallon, Engineer at WGBH. “These places are only accessible by phone line, ISDN and satellite phone, leading to audio quality that is far below the standard for our award winning news radio programs. iZotope’s ANR-B reliably and quickly removes ambient and path noise automatically, allowing us to focus on getting the interview completed instead of fiddling with controls to get usable audio.”

The ANR-B was announced months ago but has just now been released. Might be interesting in a high-end facility.


Originally posted on September 17, 2008 @ 12:22 pm

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