Listen Before You Speak

basicsPodcasts have become as common as email and everybody’s doing it, sometimes without proper structure should we say. First and foremost thing people have forgotten in their adventures is to listen to their stuff. Why? Just listen to many of those podcasts out there and you’ll know, they suck. People making them fail to even recognize the fact that it isn’t pleasurable to listen to at all.
In that sense, a return to the basics of a well made podcast may be in order which according to experts is comprised of Structure, Style, Technical elements and Content. Too elementary, well like any other form of media podcasts should be made in accordance to certain rules as with the text you are reading now with grammar and composition skills. Structure mostly follows the norm of the English language where you have an introductory line followed by the body of the podcast and then ending with a closing statement. Style is what many of us know and are good at for it’s what makes your work stand out. Technical elements, has to do with the credence of what you’re saying(which is nothing for most) and we end with content which is the complementary effect the various parts of your podcasts to come out with a thing of beauty or sound rather.
These things may sound too childish but take time and listen to your podcasts and see why you are losing your audience. The realm of the social internet is quite muddled and hazy for most for the advent of the combination of such elements as with what Mashable has done overloads the senses leaving us to think we are doing fine.

Originally posted on February 23, 2011 @ 11:34 pm

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