Listening to the Best Beauty Podcasts

lifeminute beauty logoBeauty care might be the last topic you’d expect to find when looking for good podcasts to listen to, especially since a videocast seems to be the more appropriate way of disseminating beauty tips and tricks. Still, you will find some good podcasts on the topic of beauty out there. Apparently the makers of these podcasts know how to make good ones and attract the right audience.

For those looking for beauty podcasts to listen to, here are our some of our favourites:

LifeMinute Beauty – Dishes out the latest beauty and fashion trends, from the newest and best beauty products to straight-off-the-catwalk fashion finds.

Beautiful Body Bistro – Aside from giving you fitness tips to make your body beautiful, this podcast is full of advice to help you find beauty from within and live a fuller life.

Chasing Beauty – The makers of this podcast “hope to inspire you to change the habits that perpetuate low self esteem related to beauty, and to provide ideas on how to start making positive choices for yourself.”

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Originally posted on April 30, 2013 @ 1:47 am

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