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I’ve mentioned before that one of the biggest hurdles of having a podcast is finding an audience that will support your podcast and be there to listen to it every time you have a new episode.

The best way to ensure that you gain an audience and ensure that it grows is by marketing your podcast. Let’s face it. Great content can only bring you so far. You will need the magic of marketing to help make your podcast a success.

The best way to make your podcast successful is by creating an image for it – and the best way to do it is by using some handy marketing tools that will give a recognizable face to your podcast.

For example, you can use the power of a slogan to bring recall to your podcasts. Using a simple but memorable slogan will help people remember your podcast. Listeners will zero in on your slogan and whenever they hear it or words associated with it, they will be reminded immediately of your podcast.

Of course, a slogan will not be effective if you are sloppy with your work. Make sure that your podcasts show a level of professionalism that will impress listeners. It can be as simple as making sure that the grammar in your podcasts are correct. Always remember that a sloppily written piece — whether it’s a podcast or an article — will always look and sound sloppy if it was poorly written.

Originally posted on March 31, 2011 @ 8:21 am

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