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podcastingMaking a podcast is quite labor intensive with a lot to consider in terms of production, equipment, planning and a whole lot of good editing to get decent out the door but one add-on many fear is getting somebody with you on your podcast to act as a conversation buddy. It makes for good conversation and some of the best have people from both sexes at the mic though that would remain up to you for consideration. Having somebody to converse with creates another set of problems which is continuity for distractions and unfamiliarity would become apparent in the final product. Rehearse and make the podcast as natural as possible yet always paying attention to the details. The microphone placement, the audio levels and the other small things that makes them sound better will all pay off in the end. Practice if possible and still maintain the proper length of 15 to 30 minutes, the later would be pushing it for not many would stick around for a boring podcast except if you’re interviewing the president maybe.
Content says it all, and is the main rally point of the best podcasters out there. You might have a crappy title or even crappy equipment but having good preparation and research behind your podcast can indeed make the difference. Do the proper research necessary and tend to stay away from guessing stuff. Be sure your basis regarding facts can be verified which would establish authority. Get down and busy with finding people who are in the know or in the news if possible (though that would be too much to ask for celebrities should you be dealing with them, dream on). Doing breaking news podcasts, just wing it and let all the environmental sounds go with the flow as you become the first to know and bring it out to the world. Best of all, enjoy or you will burn out the passion of your podcasts resulting in boring ones that will kill your audience.

Originally posted on April 24, 2009 @ 2:45 am

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