MP3 vs AAC – Which is better? (Part 1)

The conversion process to either MP3 or AAC has become so commonplace and easy with today’s media player software like, Apple’s iTunes (which surprisingly offers conversion to both formats). Though easy and better by many aspects, AAC still plays second best to MP3’s when it comes to popularity for MP3’s have been around as long as the earliest digital media players such as the Rio PMP300 which started the portable digital revolution. You no longer needed the bulky Walkman’s with cassette tapes that improved to CD’s but a small but powerful player that can play more songs than comparable gadgets at the time.
MP3’s might be popular due to their ease of conversion and widespread use but even with all the improvements built in with subsequent revisions to the overall specifications of the digital audio format it lacked the enhanced sound quality of AAC conversion. One of the main advantages of the MP3 format was the fact that the user can select the amount of compression thus the file size of the converted song allowing you to fit more onto your media player that other proprietary formats. there was also a very nasty trade-off with the conversion to mp3’s for the lower quality results in echos and other unwanted ghost sounds that became permanent within the actual file. The decoding area was comparable for it followed strict guidelines and as the saying goes, what you put in is what goes out so that area is at par with the rest of the formats.

Originally posted on March 19, 2009 @ 12:33 am

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