MP3 vs AAC – Which is better? (Part 2)

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AAC used to be a proprietary format restricted for use on Apple’s digital players and was designed to take over the rule of the lowly MP3. First it captured audio better and had better sound filtering capabilities over the mp3 standard. It was a bit over on the file size for very few changes can be made to the customization aspect but what it lacked in control, it sure made up for in quality of the audio it encoded. It also paved the way to full digital enhancement of audio that needed little user input making it easier to use and thus harder to mess up with. Being more of a child of the mp3 format, it incorporated better tools and design codecs making it better for use on podcasts that were encoded using wav technology due to the analog nature of microphones that sent audio into an A/D converter, and with the exception of today’s new generation of high-tech speakers, they were again reverted to their analog form so they can be heard. The input devices and output gadget of choice were still in analog format for they were still the cheapest forms of audio technology to date. Earphones, speakers and microphones all rely on analog to digital converters to function properly that was taken into account by the AAC format. Early in 2003 the HDTV standard went public and so did the AAC’s use as the file format of choice due to the more expansive data that was included in the file allowing manipulation or enhancement.
MP3 still maintains the lead over the whole format wars for as with the Windows platform, it is the oldest and most widespread format out in the wild. Even from archival Cd’s and back-up systems you can find tons of mp3’s lying in wait for you to discover and use immediately. you can convert your MP3’s to the AAC format but that is limited to the quality of the MP3 that you began with. If you want professional quality audio for your podcasts and general audio needs that is simply exhilarating, then AAC is the way to go.MP3 vs AAC – Which is better? (Part 1)

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