Podcast Movement 2023 Scholarship Winners

Podcast Movement is proud to announce the winners of scholarships to Podcast Movement 2023!

Aaron Wallis of Tomorrow’s a New Day
Abba Parks of Da City & Culture
Adriana Brown of Soulful Creativity
Adrianna Quercia
Amanda Durocher of New View Advice
Amy Fritz of Untangled Faith
Angelica Cordero of The Persistence: Rewriting Herstory
Anne Fickel of I am a supposed to Christian
Brad Wygle of Stand Up Comedy for Kids
Chelsea Goodman of Drinks with Chelsea
Clarence Hogan of Kwestions & KoolAid with Kids
Daniel Orjikalu of Deelaw Podcast
Erin Yeschin of Hippocampus Clubhouse
James (Baymes) Grundy of WJPZ at 50
Jamie Egenti of Beyond The Game
Janice Formichella of Breakups, Broken Hearts, and Moving On with Janice Formichella
Jeremy Haig of When Walls Can Talk: The Podcast
Kait Rosseter of BetterTogether Podcast
Keith Fort of This is the Arts
Kimaleen Tran of Multi-hyphenated
Kristie & Anthony McCollum of In Love with Horror
Latoya Coleman of That Wasn’t In My Textbook Podcast
Maria Castillo of Healer4Love
Meg Lewis of Storypillar
Merchon Hargrave of High Vibe Table Talks
Michelle Dahlenburg of Please Forgive Me: The Wild Story of the Student Debt Crisis & What We Can Do About It
Morgan Gray of Afrocentric
Paul Vato of PaulVatoPresents:
Reina Harris of What It Means To Be A Servant
Rob Jones of The Family Vacationer
Robin Douglass of Coming Out Late
Sarah Runyan of Two Chicks Talkin Flicks
Shannon McNamara of FluentlyForward
Sheila Waples
Stephanie Albor of Cuento Crimen Podcast
Tamara MC of The Tamara MC Show
Toni Kennedy of What’s Poppin’ Penny?
Vickey Finkley-Brown of Black Writer Therapy

Congratulations to all of these deserving winners, and we cannot wait to see them all at PM23 this August!

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Originally posted on July 10, 2023 @ 8:30 am

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