Podcast Promotion through Podcasting Blogs

Anyone who’s into podcasting knows just how important promotion is. Personally, there’s nothing like zero impressions on a podcast episode I’m truly excited about to dampen my spirits.

While it would be great if we can all get featured on the iTunes store, which virtually means that you no longer really need to sweat the promotion bit, the unfortunate reality is that most of our podcasts would just end up among the many that will never get the chance to ever be featured. That means that you just need to find other ways to promote your podcasts.

I have already written about distributing your podcasts using other podcast distribution sites. That is one good way to increase visibility for your podcast. If you are done with that though, I would suggest promoting your podcast via a podcast-related blog.

Your podcasting blog contain the actual podcast for download, or just the podcast transcript. You can also just summarize the content of each podcast instead of publishing the entire transcript, and use the blog like a news blog for all your different podcasts. Once you have your podcast blog set up, you then need to promote your blog, which you can do through social media, SEO, directory submissions, and the usual promotion strategies.

promote your blog

If you are looking for good web portals to submit your blog details to, you might want to try Blog Search Engine. Subscribing to the basic package ($14.99) will get your podcast blog reviewed and will earn you a back link. You can also sign up for upgraded packages which will help you promote your blog further by getting you more back links from the different blogs in their blog network, and featuring your blog on their homepage.

Originally posted on November 18, 2011 @ 11:52 pm

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