Soundflower for podcasts

Here’s a little something Mac users might enjoy (no Windows version available). Soundflower is a great tool for OS X 10.2 and upwards. Basically what it does is that it lets you connect one application to another and pass audio between the two.

The application is so basic and genius it kind of makes you wonder why it’s not built into your system from default. What happens after you do the very quick download and install is that two versions of Soundflower will show up in your applications settings as in and outputs (just like physical ins and outs would). In other words, in many scenarios it’s just a matter of having the two applications you want pass audio through open and select Soundflower as the output in one of them and the input in the other. I mentioned there are two versions available, one being a two channel version, the other a 16 channel. How many channels you need is for you to decide.

Below are some suggested areas of use from Cykling ’74s website.

Podcasting: Soundflower has been used extensively in podcasting by combining separate streams of audio into one source. Instead of recording an interview with Skype and only hearing one voice, Soundflower lets you publish both voices for a complete interview experience.

Cellphone: Use an application called DittyBot and Skype to access your iTunes collection from any cellphone.

Music: Record streaming audio from iTunes into Audacity, or route an audio stream from iTunes to Logic.

Go grab it right away if you’re on Mac.


Originally posted on December 16, 2008 @ 11:08 am


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