Ueberschall Club Electro… And other easy ways to add some music to your podcast

I just got the press release about a new sound library from german Ueberschall. It consists of “construction kits” to create a style of music, in this case some kind of club music. I thought I’d take some time to talk about how to make your own music for your podcast. Don’t worry, you don’t need to play any instruments.

Construction kits are nothing new, in fact, the music market is flooded by them today and have been so for some years now. It’s almost gotten to the point where I’m getting bored about reporting about them on ProTooler Blog. They are however very helpful to beginners. The sound library might include drum loops, bass loops, synth loops and so on, all matched to the same tempo (or many variations within the same tempos) so you can just click and drag, and do a kind of copy+paste music arrangement. Might be interesting for a podcast jingle.

Ueberschall also usually supplies a sample player called Elastik so you can play back the stuff, and not only that, play it back automatically synced to the right tempo. Mac users probably have GarageBand where you can do this with Apples own format Apple loops. These also automatically syncs to tempo and it’s very easy to achieve results with it.

The downer is of course that it might not end up being very original when so many people are using the same loops. It will also be hard getting the exact results you want because you’ll be choosing from already recorded music. In a way it’s like doing a photo montage as opposed to taking a picture or painting a painting. If you have a clear idea on what you want, the budget to back it up and don’t want to spend your on time on it you should probably hire a musician instead… like me 🙂

Originally posted on September 5, 2008 @ 12:24 am

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