US-Africa Leaders Summit Topics to Improve Your Podcast For 2023

Podcasters can use the topics discussed at the 2022 US-Africa Leaders Summit (USALS) to improve podcasts for 2023. During this summit, African leaders and panelists talked about issues affecting Africans. These include climate crisis, health, peace, unity, etc. They also discussed ways to improve the African continent, focusing on the above areas. This gives podcasters a variety of topics to include in their content, especially since contemporary audiences in Africa expect the media to address these issues. So without delay, here are US-Africa Leaders Summit topics for podcasters to improve their podcasts in 2023.

Official logo of the US-Africa Leaders Summit, 2022

Podcast Topics on Identity

Now more than ever, contemporary African audiences and creatives tell stories about Africa. They share their history, culture, experiences, memories, relationships, and values worldwide. During the 2022 USALS’ ADYLF Opening Plenary Session, some panelists discussed how they use the creative industry to tell stories about Africans in Africa and the Diaspora. Africans are returning to and upholding their sense of self through public dialogues. This can also be seen through the media content, music, movies, and creative and visual art they produce.

Furthermore, creatives have joined hands to shift the negative narratives about Africa. They believe the common stereotypical narrative of Africa as the continent of disease, poor leadership, poverty, and corruption is outdated. This is because Africans have long turned to innovation and creativity. Podcasting is quickly rising in Africa. Thus, podcasters can improve their podcasts with content that matters more to Africans. Authentic African stories stand out to listeners as they challenge the negative identity of Africa.

Podcast Topics on Inclusion

inclusion is one of the important desires of Africans everywhere in the world. Hence, the topic was discussed at the 2022 USALS as well. Most Africans believe in inclusion and treating others with fairness and dignity. These are the values of Ubuntu, a quality of compassion and humanity. They fulfill the principles of human rights and social justice in every society.

Africans crave inclusion in both their continent and everywhere else. They are against any anti-inclusion treatment. From the conflicts, killings, and gender inequality in some African countries to the subtle and severe racist treatment in other countries, they want it all gone. This is why they appreciate media initiatives like Africa No Filter and Africa Podcast Ltd. These focus on supporting marginalized voices to promote inclusion and end African stereotypes. Thus, podcasters can emulate this and prioritize these topics. This can help to improve their shows for 2023.

Podcast Topics on Health

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda advocated for health education and the creation and continuity of programs that sensitize people to healthy lifestyles. While Africa and the U.S. partnered for sustainable health at the USALS, podcasters should join the cause by creating content on health and its inhibitors. The podcasts should also include prevention and treatment measures.

Another health issue that podcasters should prioritize in 2023 is mental health. According to the OECD Forum Network, depression is a silent killer in Africa, especially for women. However, African governments allocate less than 1% of their health budget to mental health. This calls for intervention from podcasts, especially since studies have shown that some of our basic psychological needs can be satisfied by podcasts.

Podcast Topics on Environmental Issues

Africa has the highest number of climate crisis-struck countries in the world. While entertainment is good, audiences seek to watch and listen to content about real problems like climate crises. In Africa, climate change is responsible for severe waves of drought, hunger, storms, and surging temperatures.  While governments and other stakeholders are working to ease the crisis, podcasters should join in the fight. They should educate people to take climate action and make the world better. Furthermore, podcasters should spread messages of intervention to audiences. Just as Michael Regan said, “All people, regardless of the color of their skin,” the money they have, and the communities they live in “deserve clean air to breathe…clean water to drink, and an opportunity to live a healthy and safe life.”


Issues of identity, inclusion, health, and environmental crisis are not only important to African podcasters and audiences. They affect the entire planet. Hence, podcasters everywhere have a responsibility to share these messages. Podcasts about Fitness can share information on specific exercises and diets that improve health. Environmental podcasters should also focus on producing content on pressing environmental challenges and engaging in climate dialogues and campaigns. Meanwhile, social, musical, and cultural podcasts can lead by sharing messages of inclusion and identity, and telling each other’s stories through music and storytelling. Through this joint effort, podcasters can help to change the world for the better.

Originally posted on January 23, 2023 @ 1:24 am

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