What Makes a Good Podcast

The world of podcasting is a place where we can all play Howard Stern or Larry King without having to rely on a big network. It’s a platform to use our full creativity and freedom of speech. But what if you want to make more than just a podcast. What if you want to be the best on whatever your subject matter is. Instead of being “a” podcast you could be “the” podcast.

You don’t have to work for NPR or rely on celebrity endorsements to produce a fantastic show. All it takes are a few basic factors that make a perfect recipe for success. If at first, you fail, try and try again. Gather all the tools you can and don’t let anything make you waver from your vision of being heard internationally as a successful podcaster.

Be The Best

Aim for being the best of the best on your subject matter. By being the absolute authority on your content you guarantee that you are the leader of your field and eliminate any possibility of competition.

Being the best means being the full package. You need to have a successful website in addition to your podcast. Don’t know how to drive traffic to your website? Research it! Be thirsty for knowledge and apply your learned techniques as you go.

Part of being the best means constantly being innovative. Do what other people aren’t doing. Motivational Tony Robbins says, “Continue to innovate, and there is no competition you can’t take on head first.”

A Clever Name

The first and most important factor are having a catchy name that is relevant and current. A podcast, just like a movie or a television show, should be intriguing or clever.

Your name should be a reflection of the content. Your title should be a term relating to the sentiments or actions that accompany what your subject matter is about. If your show is about divorce, try something like “Moving On” or “After the End.” Alternatively, if your show is a humor podcast, think of something that might catch someone’s eye like a pun, or play on words.

Quality Recording Equipment

Using your iPhone or a drugstore headset isn’t going to cut it. If you want to have a professional reputation then you had better sound like a professional. Go to the store and invest in some high-quality gear. That also means software in addition to hardware.

Before you go out and spend hundreds of dollars on equipment make sure that you are fully committed to your podcast. It’s pointless to invest your hard earned money into something you’ll only abandon a few months down the line.

Originally posted on February 10, 2022 @ 4:14 am