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zuneipodBeing one of the many contenders for podcasts, Microsoft’s Zune should be a target for your podcasts as well as the all-present iPod. The Zune is a portable digital music player that has an added wireless feature with a whopping 80 GB or memory with a specific and continuously expanding market as the iPod. With the Zune selling as of latest figures, over a million units, the market is truly an enticing target for your podcasts should you want to expand your audience. There are some pre-requisites to setting up Zune to market your podcasts, the software and account which is free from the Zune download site. It is, as with iTunes quite hefty at 31-35 MB depending on your choice of download which could be 32 or 64 bit (OS dependent).
Your audience (which you should already have if you have a following on iTunes), might or might not have submitted your podcasts to the Zune software which will be evident if your work is already present in the directory. You can use the search box to find your podcast or you can suggest a podcast if you can;t find it through the provided window. To do this, you have to browse the podcast marketplace by clicking on the “Marketplace” then “Podcasts” that you can find at the top left part of the Zune software you’ve just installed. Having done so, you may just find your podcast in the directories so you’d want to find the direct URL pointing to your podcast within the Zune Directory which unfortunately was not quite clear from Microsoft(trade secret?). You open the page where your podcast is located which would allow you to access the specific page where you select “tell a friend”, then fill out the email form to in effect sell your own podcast to your email which you then retrieve to look for your podcast within the marketplace(which would give you the detailed location of your podcast on the Zune server/s). Having done that, your podcast is now also available to the Zune community which expands your whole market, thus hitting two birds with one stone or podcast in your case (iTunes and Zune).

Originally posted on March 25, 2009 @ 8:46 am


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