About Audival

Audival is run by Stefan Hedengren, a professional musician and a crappy blogger more commonly known as Stiff. The purpose of this blog is to help people into the world of podcasting with the use of tips, articles about equipment as well as sound clips for use in podcasts.

Are these sounds legal?

Yes. They are all made by Stiff, for Audival, unless otherwise mentioned, and are free for use in your own productions. The only thing you can’t do is sell them, or repackage them and sell them. Please respect this. If you decide to use them in your podcasts (or wherever) you can, if you like, make a note somewhere for others to see that the sounds were made by Stiff and downloaded from Audival… Or don’t bother about it – your choice.

Who’s this Stiff?

As mentioned, I’m mainly a musician and engineer, which means I record and mix music for all kinds of projects such as albums, jingles and so on. I also run www.protoolerblog.com, the supreme source for Pro Tools and pro audio news on the web.

If you want to hire me for musical work contact me at:
stiff (at) audival (dot) net

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