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Antares, the creators of Auto-Tune (possibly the only software that has caused a debate about whether or not it’s “right” to use it), has released Voice Thing! Voice Thing! lets anyone subtly or radically change the character of their voice, turn their (audio) self into a monster or alien, or create the effect of being in a wide variety of sonic environments, from small rooms to huge halls.

With Voice Thing!, a user can:

  • Change their voice with the same high-quality voice processing used in Antares’s professional audio tools
  • Raise or lower their voice with high quality pitch-shifting
  • Radically change the quality and/or gender of their voice with Antares’s unique vocal tract modeling technology
  • Use the Mutation function to create a huge variety of monstrous, demonic, or other alternate-species voices
  • Instantly translate everything they say into Alien
  • Simulate a variety of environments, from a huge hall to a small room
  • Choose from an extensive collection of included human, creature, and just plain weird voices
  • Save a virtually unlimited number of their own creations
  • Have some serious fun

“With the increasing popularity of PC-based voice communication in online games and avatar-based social communities, as well as voice chat, VoIP and podcasting, we thought it would be great to make some of our pro-level technology available in an affordable and easy-to-use product for gamers and other casual users.” said Marco Alpert, Antares VP of Marketing. “Whether you’re using it to sound like the character you’re playing in an online game, creating unique voices for podcasts or audio for video, or just messing around with friends, Voice Thing! sounds great and, most importantly, is just a heck of a lot of fun.”

Voice Thing! is available now for Windows XP and Vista. More information and a demo version can be found at the dedicated Voice Thing! web site.

Price: $34.95


Originally posted on February 21, 2008 @ 1:28 am

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