Author: Jonathan

  • 3 Korean Podcasts to Subscribe To

    3 Korean Podcasts to Subscribe To

    “Korea (orthographic projection)” by Gringer – Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons. Some of our favorite podcasts are international ones, and we often wish there were more podcasts that deal with global issues to follow. They especially come in handy when planning a trip, whether for business or pleasure, to a foreign country; […]

  • The Awesome Podcasts of Nerdist!

    The Awesome Podcasts of Nerdist!

    If you’re a podcast fanatic like me, you’re likely well aware of the awesome “Nerdist” website, ran and maintained by one Chris Hardwick. Nerdist is a team effort, in that hundreds of comedians (as well as icons of nerd culture) have been involved with the website, and about a dozen or so in the maintenance. […]

  • Priceless Guitars—Past and Present

    Priceless Guitars—Past and Present

    One theory holds that the guitar evolved from the Greek “kithara.” However, this instrument was a square type of lyre. Others believe that the history of the guitar actually dates back more than 4,000 years to an instrument known as a bowl harp or tanbur. These were created and played in prehistoric times. Many examples […]