High-end broadcast gear part 1


While I understand that there is not even close to as much money in podcasting today as it is in regular broadcasting, I still think it could be of interest to see what some high-end studios use for broadcasting. I have no doubt in that podcasting one day will grow to be a big industry. Perhaps this could serve as a preview of things to come?

One major player is SADiE. Their products are adopted by the likes of BBC (there is actually an article from Audio Media available for download at SADiES website).

The SADiE website
The broadcast section

Digidesign is the industry standard in many audio-related fields. They are owned by Avid, the big player when it comes to video, which makes them a very powerful empire. Some would say they are only challenged by Apple, but Apple is not even close in these fields.

Digidesign website

Merging is another high-end hardware and software manufacturer. They actually have a broadcast pack featuring their DSP hardware and their Pyramix software.


While these three manufacturers use software for recording and editing, they also sell hardware, and probably make the most money from it as it is rather expensive. The last company I would like to mention is mainly a software company though.

Steinberg is owned by Yamaha and probably closer to Digidesign in the audio field than Apple is. Their flagship Nuendo is mainly geared towards post production (video/film) and Cubase against musicians/mixers/engineers, but they are also in the broadcasting business for sure. They have other products I will talk about in future posts which are really affordable and could be valuable for any kind of audio editing, and that definitely includes podcasting.


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