New BIAS Peak flirting with podcasters


BIAS have released a stripped-down version of their audio editing and mastering software Peak, called Peak LE 6. With this version they’ve obviously set their sight on podcasters. How else could we explain the new feature list (from their website):

  • Podcasting — fully-integrated audio podcast publishing, no additional software required
  • Voiceover Ducking DSP — automatically lowers the music level during a voiceover
  • iTunes Integration — send audio to iTunes directly from the playlist or document
  • Extra plug-in insert — supports two simultaneous real-time AU/VST effects/instruments
  • Record Timer— automates recording stop time
  • Record Notepad — enters marker cues during recording
  • Metadata support — read and write “tags” (artist, album, etc.) for major file types
  • Sleek new user interface — includes global contrast control, magnetic windows, improved meters, hide windows, and more

Sounds good right? Among other things included we find (from their website):

  • BIAS Freq-2 pro-quality paragraphic EQ
  • WireTap Pro — Capture internet and system audio with no loss of quality or additional cable connections
  • SFX Machine LT — real time VST plug-in with 21 special effects
  • 32 VST audio effects from Maximum Digital Audio (delay, limiter, dithering, de-ess, tone generator, and others)

More information here on the BIAS website.

Originally posted on April 17, 2008 @ 12:32 pm

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