noise-less recording with a digital stand-alone recorder

The last post I made was on how to reduce background noise when recording. It is interesting to note that the PC itself can cause significant background noise that can creep into your podcast. That’s why, one great workaround to a cleaner, background noise-free recording would be to totally eliminate the PC from the recording process.

There are small gadgets in the market that allow you to record audio for your podcasts without the use of a PC. These standalone digital recorders are easy to use, very portable and allow you a great deal of leeway in terms of creating the perfect recording space.

One of the best standalone digital recorders out there is the Zoom H2. At just 200 dollars, the H2 is the perfect companion for the budding podcaster. Its size is quite diminutive and yet despite its size it is capable of recording CD quality sound. The recordings are stored automatically on the SD card that you insert on the SD card slot. Propping up the H2 is easy as it comes with two different stands — a small handle and a tripod like stand.

You can record your podcast using the H2’s very good onboard mics (it has more than one), or you can also use another mic because it has a mic adapter. finished recordings can also be transferred through a USB port.

Originally posted on August 18, 2009 @ 9:29 am

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